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Horse Play

Waves of Healing Wellness supports Horse Play, a Rhode Island based 501 (c)3 non-profit Horse Rescue and Sanctuary that provides rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and adoption for abused, neglected, unwanted, and/or slaughter bound horses.

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Horses’ Bios

BODHI – dark bay, 22 year old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. Bodhi is a former ranch horse, working the cattle. Bodhi was also a lead trail horse on a Dude Ranch. Bodhi’s last owner surrendered him to Horse Play, due to onset of cancer and newborn baby. Bodhi was adopted once from Horse Play but was returned after he was taught really bad manners, and developed a mild melatonin issue (photic head shaking). Bodhi has been symptom free for several years now and loves attention.

BUDDHA – strawberry roan, 19 year old American Mustang gelding. Buddha was also rounded up in Nevada, at the age of 10. Buddha is the Alpha male of the Herd.

BUDDY – sorrel, 17 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. Horse Play has known Buddy since he was 9 months old. Buddy had growth issues as a foal and was going to be euthanized. Buddy’s owner did not want to pay for expensive, complicated gelding surgery, and also believed he had neurological issues. Buddy was taken in by Horse Play and provided the care he needed. Buddy did not have neurological issues, and grew into a handsome and healthy gelding! Buddy was adopted twice. The first adopter developed aggressive cancer. The second adopter was unable to provide adequate care for Buddy, so Horse Play brought him back to our facility.

HARLEY – bay, 10 year old Morgan gelding. Harley was hurt with a serious leg injury as a 2 year old, which put a halt on his show career. Harley came to Horse Play as a 3 year old and just kept growing! He’s huge! Harley has been given lots of time to build an attention span longer than 2 seconds. He’s now totally sound but still very goofy! Way too smart, and gets bored easily. Harley is an extremely fun handful and enjoys showing everyone how very handsome he is!

JUNIOR – dark chestnut, 14 year old American Mustang. Junior was rounded up in Wyoming and his owner couldn’t care for him. He was starved and un-educated. Junior was brought to an auction on a non-auction day, so no meat buyers were there to purchase him. Junior was then, driven to Horse Play and was taken without hesitation. He is still fairly wild, but smart and learning every day. Junior is super sweet and gentle!

MONKEY – sorrel, 24 year old American Saddlebred gelding. Monkey is a former National 5-gaited champion. Monkey came to Horse Play because his owner could no longer afford him. The training methods used to make him a National Champion, created a very scared, unconfident and confused horse. Monkey was mess. He is still figuring things out, but has made huge progress in becoming a normal free spirted horse again. Monkey can be very sweet!

PRINNY – gray, 16 year old Quarter Horse cross mare. Prinny’s Mother was bought at an auction not knowing she was pregnant. Prinny was born very small and underweight. Prinny’s owner surrendered her to Horse Play once she was weaned, as he could not provide care for her and lacked the knowledge to raise a yearling. With the additional care Prinny had an amazing growth spurt and is now a real beauty!

RASA – bay, 16 year old Thoroughbred mare. Rasa lost a race, so she was sent to auction. A meat buyer bought her from that auction. Luckily his truck broke down, and at the last minute Horse Play was able to save her from a horrible ending. Rasa arrived at Horse Play with pneumonia and lots of emotional baggage.

RAVEN – black, 29 year old Hanoverian -Thoroughbred cross gelding. Raven trained and competed in 3-Day Eventing. Raven’s owner lost interest in riding. Raven was provide food and water, but no interaction, stimulation, or horse buddie. Raven was then moved to a boarding facility with the same type of care. This resulted in Raven developing a lot of mean, nasty habits which went away when he came to Horse Play and found Buddy.

RENO – red roan Appaloosa, 19 year old American Mustang gelding. Reno was rounded up from the wild near Reno Nevada at the age of 10. Reno was injured during the roundup which created a chronic hoof deformity. For that reason Reno is one of our Sanctuary horse. Reno is kind, gentle and Aidan’s best friend!

SANCHO – bay, 20 year old Arabian gelding. Sancho’s original owner no longer wanted to keep him after their dog was hurt playing with Sancho. Sancho was not the cause of the injury. The dog tore a tendon running around playing, but had to have expensive surgery. Sancho now enjoys playing with his pal Timmy and does tricks.

TATER – dark bay/grulla, 8 year old Arabian/Quarter Horse/Shetland Pony cross gelding. Tater came to Horse Play as a yearling. Tater is smart, sensitive and learning to be a superb all-around horse.

TIMMY – bay, 23 year old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding. Timmy is a former race horse (Quarter Horse Racing) and was a rodeo bronco horse. Timmy also played polo and came to Horse Play with a soft tissue back injury and an arthritic knee. Timmy is covered in whip and spur scars from his past mistreatment. Timmy is one of the sweetest horses, and loves attention!

TOMMY LEE – chestnut, 14 year old Welsh Pony. Tommy came to Horse Play at 6 years old. Horse Play was his 11th home! Tommy was severely abused which made him very reactive. Despite that, Tommy does everything and loves doing it. Rides, drives, jumps, trail rides, foxhunts and has gone on camping trips. You name it and Tommy does it! Trust is sometimes still an issue as he gets to know new people, and he has some quirks. Tommy has a tremendous heart!